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Pheasant Landing Neighborhood Watch


Due to the recent events that are happening in our Subdivisions, it is time to take a stand! There has been several cars that have had car windows broken. We are actively coordinating a Neighborhood Watch Program in cooperation with the Joliet Police Department. We are also a member of the National Watch Program in conjunction with the National Sheriff’s Association, their website is USAOnWatch.org, please check them out.

These incidents have helped residents realize that crime could happen in any area and at any time. It’s foolish to rely solely on the police to help us when crime strikes our subdivision!

We have established the following goals: (1) to facilitate communication regarding anything that occurs in our subdivision that may threaten the safety of families in the neighborhood; (2) to be the eyes and ears for the police department and reporters of incidents that happen as soon as they occur; (3) to assist with providing security for our homes and property.  WE need to send a message that our Pheasant Landing Subdivision is adopting a zero tolerance policy. And in order to enforce it we need your help.

Our objective, in cooperation with the Joliet Police Dept. is to provide awareness and education to families.  The topics included are; “Parents can help prevent gangs!”, “Stop bullying”, and “Be street smart: Protect yourself from crime!”

We are in need of one Block Captain for each Street, so don’t feel like you have to be in charge of the whole subdivision.  The more members, the safer our subdivision will be. Can we count on YOU?? Once we have our Block Captains they will go around door to door to ask others to join. Though this is a volunteer program, the success of the program depends on many members.  
Email:  watchdog@tplha.org
Lead Block Captain: Ken Tade Hahn

ALERT for those who don't have FB: Facebook Watch  Page for **ALERTS**
You must request to be added to the group.
Block Captain Volunteers Needed
 Home Security Check List             Spanish Version
Crime Prevention Brochure
McGruff Brochure
Tips on what to watch for and how to report
Block Caption Manual
Neighborhood Watch Member Handbook

Bicycle Safety Tips
Don't have Facebook, get email **ALERTS** by sending your email to Ken Tade Hahn


If you are a homeowner in The Pheasant Landing community, you may join the Neighborhood Watch Group. Please send your request to Ken's e-mail address or to info@tplha.org .
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