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You may request Assessment Clearance Letters when selling or refinancing your home.
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This site has been devloped to facilitate communication between the Board of Directors and the members (homeowners) of The Pheasant Landing Homeowners Association. Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Board of Directors 
Contact Email Address Purpose
Kenneth G Tade, President president#@tplha.org Board updates, Complaints & issues regarding our community
Robin Chernak, Vice President vicepresident@tplha.org General Information, Website, Social Media
Sue Tieman, Treasurer treasurer@tplha.org Assessment Letters
Contact Email Address Purpose
General information info@tplha.org General inquires
Assessment Clearance Letter Request treasurer@tplha.org Check assessment status for Sale of Home
Grievance complaint@tplha.org File a complaint
Mailing Address
Pheasant Landing Homeowners Association
1147 Brook Forest Ave.
Shorewood, IL 60404
email: info@tplha.org
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Bob O'Dekirk
Mayor of Joliet

John Gerl
District 3 Councilman

Gregory Ruddy
Public Works Administrator

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