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This site has been devloped to facilitate communication between the Board of Directors and the members (homeowners) of The Pheasant Landing Homeowners Association. Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


The Board of Directors of The Pheasant Landing Homeowners Association (TPLHA)
Welcomes you!

With the warm weather we need to look out
for children playing in our neighborhood
Please REMOVE YOUR VEHICLES from the street when a snow storm hits with more than 1 inch of snow!
The City of Joliet will be coming around to ticket vehicles that are not moved!!

 It is also not fair to your neighbors if the plow has to go around your vehicle and then leaves the snow in front of their driveway for them to have to shovel to get out of their driveway. Thank you.
Neighborhood Watch Group **ALERT**

The Joliet Police Dept. has asked us that if you park your car out of the garage at night to please LOCK THE DOORS! We have had some problems with car break ins here. Thank you.

If you would like to be on the list for the Neighborhood Watch group please email Ken Tade with your Name, Address, and phone number.

  Annual Driveway Sealing 2015
We will be doing our annual Driveway sealing coming up this summer, watch for details!
Prime Cut Lawn Care
Prime Cut will be providing homeowners in Pheasant Landing with discount pricing for all of the 2014 season.  Our prices will depend on how many residents take advantage of this opportunity.  Services available are cutting lawns, fertilizing, mulch, replacing or adding trees or shrubs.

If you are in need of any of those services check out their flyer
  The Board has approved the 2015 budget

The home assessment per year per home is $70.00, and is unchanged from 2014. As per the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions established in 1996 on page 15, the annual assessment is due in advance for the coming year and is due on December 1 of the current year. To avoid late fees of $10.00 per month,
full payment must be received by December 31.

Your payment should be mailed to:
The Pheasant Landing Homeowners Association
1147 Brook Forest Ave. #135
Shorewood, IL 60404

If you have misplaced your payment coupon, click here, and include this form with your payment to insure proper credit to your account.

  The Board is asking for your help

E-mail is a cost effective solution and a great way to communicate in a timely manner. We have had a great response to the e-mail correspondence that we implemented last Fall. We have been able to answer questions, take comments, send reminders of meetings and garage sale dates, etc.

Please send your name and address to Ken at president@tplha.org
Mailing Address
Pheasant Landing Homeowners Association
1147 Brook Forest Ave.
Shorewood, IL 60404
email: info@tplha.org
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Special thanks to:

Tom Giarrante
Mayor of Joliet

John Gerl
District 3 Councilman

Gregory Ruddy
Public Works Administrator


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